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Icarus Actor Interviews filming in London

_DSC8107While we’re still working on postproduction details…

We will soon post interviews with several of our Icarus Rising actors, including James Oliver Wheatley, Charlotte Beckett, and Malcolm Freeman.

Check back in a couple of weeks to hear and see them talk about their individual stories and insights about their characters, the shoot up in lovely Northumberland in the UK, and what intrigued them most about the story of Icarus Rising and their roles.

Meanwhile, look at this beautiful Daedalus statue in front of the MOD (Ministry of Defense) at London’s Victoria Embankment Gardens. It played a pivotal role in the early stages of writing the screenplay for Icarus Rising.

Vulcan salute

Vulcan salute from Synagoge door Essen


A Vulcan farewell salute to the unforgettable Mr. Spock

– Leonard Nimoy.



(Photo credit: Door (detail) of a Synagogue in Essen, Germany, by Aaron Olaf.)

Happy Holidays!


Happy days to all of you!

[“Sky Fighters”—Director: Gérard Pirés; song: “Into the Fire” by Thirteen Senses]

NEW site design


Our new website is up!

It’s by far not complete, but we’re working on it..

We hope you like it.

POSTPRODUCTION – now continuing in Las Vegas


Settled back in in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Postproduction will now resume: we’ll concentrate on MUSIC and GRAPHIC DESIGN and hope to take off like this amazing Typhoon (Source: Jet Fighter Ride; photographer unknown)

Typhoon burning - Jet Fighter Ride 10801934_840121249383510_8033887046389526446_n

Nellis AFB


What a fantastic time we had at the Nellis AFB airshow weekend. Wish you all could’ve been here.

This “Heritage flight”— a F-86 Saber with a F-22 Raptor—produced goosebumps!!

F-86 Saber + F-22 Raport on Heritage flight @ Nellis _DSC1790

Here’s one of the fab F-16 Thunderbirds..

F-16 Thunderbird @ Nellis _DSC0756

A MiG-15

MiG-15 @ Nellis-1_DSC2012 MiG-15 @ Nellis-2_DSC2014

And there’s “Dolly” – the P-51D Mustang, 506th Fighter Group, Iwo Jima. She flew with the 462nd Fighter Squadron to the mainland of Japan and back in 1945

Dolly - P-51D Mustang @ Nellis_DSC2020

One of our all-time favorites, the F-15… burning!

F-15 afterburner @ Nellis_DSC1199



We had a full house and overwhelmingly positive responses to the private screening of Icarus Rising for actors, crew, friends & supporters @ WB DeLane Lea last night in Soho.

THANKS SO VERY MUCH to each one of you!!!

10734157_710854835670663_3705603057819885551_n 1658534_710856575670489_925984671667286983_o10636676_710854765670670_7299872497836647016_o 10658536_710856369003843_2627525550710641032_o10658922_710856409003839_8580598330379629015_o10012284_710854709004009_7018978486249120394_o10713982_710855922337221_1743827594568093035_o

Sound Design by art4noise


It was “ear and mind opening” to enter the art4noise universe of sound design. Their team has worked so brilliantly on everything audible in Icarus Rising:

Headed by Peter Baldock—BAFTA TV Award winner 2007 for “9/11: The Twin Towers,” EMMY nominated in 2009 for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Music and Sound for “When We Left Earth: the NASA Missions,” and known for his work on “Blade Runner,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” among many others);

Nick Baldock—their incredibly talented ADR recording and mixing specialist of “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” and many more;

Ben Carr—whose intuitive creativeness in removing what’s not supposed to be there sound-wise as well as inserting what makes what’s on the screen come even more alive through perfect sounds and mixing until its perfect;

Hannes Wannerberger—the foley artist, who’s got undoubtedly the ultimate fun job creating and recreating sounds with the weirdest things imaginable.

Thanks Peter, Nick, Ben, and Hannes for your expertise! It was a great experience and fun to work with you!

peter baldock nick baldockben carr http://art4noise.com/team


Just finished COLOR GRADING!!!
Fantastic experience to dive into the universe of colors.

JOW b4 colorgr - 10390458_706520829437397_609221936965595242_n JOW after colorgr 10440828_706521512770662_6169494239085402427_n

Look at this sneak preview of USAF Lt Col Ryan Syros (James Oliver Wheatley) at the NATO Board of Inquiry meeting, before & after color grading.

Now we’re off to Sound Design…


Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 10.41.35 PM

Icarus Rising has locked.. Yes. We’re DONE WITH EDITING!!! We hope you’ll like how the story is being told. But we’re still a couple of miles away from a finished movie..

Malcolm Ellison, talented color grader and owner of Crystal Light Productions in London’s Soho is now bringing colors into Icarus Rising.

Our Sara Hermann (director) and George Tsikos (cinematographer) have spent some initial rounds with Malcolm to determine “the look” of IR. For those who are new to color grading, it opens up a fantastic new universe where a hue of a hint of a shade of a color can make all the difference in the world whether a character is likable when he’s supposed to or is rather distant and cold when he shouldn’t. That of course applies to the look & feel of entire scenes and the movie overall. More soon!